Motorsport glossary

watering system

Ultra-sophisticated system that allows to reproduce the conditions of driving or driving in the rain, on 64 plots offered by the circuit.

restaurant Panoramic Club

Espace reception and restaurant which offers panoramic views of the track and the pit lane.
It is open daily to customers of the circuit, the 400 seats provide lunches or dinners in an exceptional setting.
A caterer premium service is available for the restaurant but also in the boxes.

tecPro High Speed Barriers

Flexible polyethylene blocks that line the safety rails, replacing the old tire walls.
The innovation of the system is its ability to absorb impact energy to cushion the possible impact suffered by the driver.


To prevent the driver benefits from a corner and uses the run-off, within certain curves is covered with Astroturf, red artificial turf.

ACO Monoblock Racing Drains

Channels in high strength polyester concrete that ensure the proper drainage of the track. They are able to absorb the stresses during successive passages of the cars and is an additional guarantee of safety for the drivers.