Motorsport glossary

medical Center

Managed by a permanent team (head doctor, nurse anesthetist and firefighters), it boasts advanced equipment: reanimation block station for burn victims with specific bathtub, radiographic equipment, examination room, bedroom with beds medical.
In constant communication with the Track Video Control Room, the medical team can instantly trigger the appropriate procedure.
An ambulance resuscitation "RA" is available at all times, and a helicopter drop zone.

Mistral Hall

Exhibitions, performances, gala dinners (up to 1600 seats), product presentations, conferences ..., space is fully flexible and can be arranged in very different ways depending on the needs of each user.


Closed space, glazed and soundproofed reserved for engineers. Each technique pit includes 10 flat screens relaying images of the stable of cars and the 32 measures proposed by the time keeping (lap times, three instantaneous speeds ...) . information about each vehicle are reserved for his stable, to respect the confidentiality of performance. A direct connection to weather screen with the control tower at Le Castellet International Airport, provides information on speed, strength and direction of wind, temperature, atmospheric pressure with updated information every 3 hours.


To prevent the driver benefits from a corner and uses the run-off, within certain curves is covered with Astroturf, red artificial turf.

ACO Monoblock Racing Drains

Channels in high strength polyester concrete that ensure the proper drainage of the track. They are able to absorb the stresses during successive passages of the cars and is an additional guarantee of safety for the drivers.