Motorsport glossary

technical control

A pit equipped with a balance F1.

satellite one

Receptive space dedicated to the school track.


Closed space, glazed and soundproofed reserved for engineers. Each technique pit includes 10 flat screens relaying images of the stable of cars and the 32 measures proposed by the time keeping (lap times, three instantaneous speeds ...) . information about each vehicle are reserved for his stable, to respect the confidentiality of performance. A direct connection to weather screen with the control tower at Le Castellet International Airport, provides information on speed, strength and direction of wind, temperature, atmospheric pressure with updated information every 3 hours.

lighting system

4 colors of traffic lights (red, yellow, green and blue) that allow the track direction of transmitting information to pilots.
They replace the flags waved by marshals on a conventional circuit and ensure better responsiveness track teams.