Motorsport glossary


Asphalt clearance zones that replace the gravel traps.
They are enhanced by the bands of red and blue colors of the Blue Line ™ concept, the run-off present overriding safety benefits thanks to their abrasive surface that slows the vehicles overrun.

control center

Video room equipped with 38 screens, plus two giant screens.

pit Wall

Zone near the pit lane, the pit wall.


Pregnant reserved for competing teams who park all vehicles race and support. In some cases, teams will install work areas, often in tents, to prepare and adjust machines. The paddock is sometimes open to the public.

Pit Building

Main building housing the offices, dressing rooms, the box, the panoramic restaurant, etc.

pit lane

Pit lane, lane changes equipment, refueling area for mechanics and their equipment.

Pit Unit

Garages new generation on 3 levels: 170m2 garage with access to the pit lane and paddock, independent telemetry 100m2 space with flat screens.

Pit Walk

Accessibility of the pit lane.


12 boxes on three levels with telemetry spaces, mechanical and reception area with private terrace. Each of them is secure intrusion by a magnetic badge system.

pit Wall

Zone near the pit lane, the pit wall.