Motorsport glossary

media center

Espace media designed for the reception of journalists and imaging professionals.
The press room offers up to 120 workspaces for journalists and photographers, with a direct view of the track and the pit lane, 24 TV screens to follow the evolution of the vehicles on the track and high-speed Internet connections via WiFi.
The conference room is adjustable (up to 70 people) and equipped with sound and video.


Pregnant reserved for competing teams who park all vehicles race and support. In some cases, teams will install work areas, often in tents, to prepare and adjust machines. The paddock is sometimes open to the public.

track Video Control Room

Decision Center Management track, computerized and equipped with 34 monitors and 2 giant screens, which brings together all the control and safety parameters. The direction of track is in radio contact with all the teams in the league (rescue teams and medical staff).

satellite one

Receptive space dedicated to the school track.