Mar 3, 2023

9th Environmental Advisory Committee
of the Circuit Paul Ricard

The 9th edition of the Environmental Consultative Committee (CCE) of the Paul Ricard Circuit gathered yesterday evening the circuit's management, departmental authorities, representatives of local elected officials and local residents for an exchange on the subject of public tranquility.

Led by Stéphane Clair, General Manager of the Circuit Paul Ricard, and Nathalie Reitzer, Director of Human Resources and Sustainable Development at the Circuit Paul Ricard, this edition brought together about 80 people including residents of the circuit, residents' associations, elected officials such as Hélène Verduyn, Mayor of Signes, elected officials of Cuges Les Pins, but also representatives of the Prefecture of the Var, the Parc Naturel Régional Sud Sainte Baume, the association of companies in the Signes area (DELTA), the Gendarmerie of La Valette du Var, and the companies TotalEnergies Renouvables and ORECA.

A very satisfactory acoustic measurement report

After the annual report of the activity of the Circuit Paul Ricard drawn up by Stéphane Clair, an acoustician of the company Azimut Monitoring presented the results of the measurements of sound emissions taken by the 4 beacons, located at the entrance of the circuit, at the Driving Center, in the Mistral straight line and in the Bois Soleil housing estate.

No significant exceedance related to the activity of the circuit was noted. Only six days showed daily average levels above 95 dBA (tests and European Le Mans Series competition in April 2022).

Strong measures to improve public tranquility

After this 2022 assessment, Stéphane Clair presented the circuit's activity schedule for the new 2023 season, informing about the upcoming atypical driving hours (beyond the authorized hours) and night competitions.

The circuit manager also reminded the new homologation order of August 2, 2022 taken by the Var Prefecture. On the side of the delegated sports federations, more restrictive measures were announced for the years to come

A highly acclaimed project for shared self-consumption of electricity

Called in to consult, the OPTE firm presented the territory's project for the installation of photovoltaic panels within the PNR Sud Sainte Baume on already artificialized spaces. For the areas of the Signes plateau, it is a question of installing photovoltaic power plants. With an estimated annual production of more than 3.5 million kWh for the circuit and the airport, this self-consumption project has aroused the interest of local residents because it provides for the possibility of redistributing at a preferential rate the electricity thus produced to businesses and residents located within a radius of 2 km

A calmer dialogue with the circuit's residents

This ninth Environmental Advisory Committee, with a record participation rate, showed that the dialogue between the circuit, the local residents and the authorities has been well and truly established for several years and that the measures implemented by the circuit are bearing fruit.

The 10th ECC will be held in December 2023.

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