Technology and innovation

The Paul Ricard Circuit is equipped with a safety innovative system for maximal prevention. The safety of the Paul Ricard Circuit is based on control and information technologies allowing track direction, medical and rescue teams to make intervention on a record time.

These innovations are validated by the FIA and used on the new F1 circuits:

Watering system

Ultra-refined watering system enabling rainy driving conditions to be reproduced on 64 of the circuit’s track configurations.


Asphalt run-off zones replacing gravel beds. The run-offs, highlighted by the red and blue colour strips of the Blue Line™ concept, offer crucial advantages for safety through their abrasive surface which slows down vehicles going off the track.

TecPro High Speed Barriers

Crushable polyethylene blocks lining the safety barriers, replacing the old tyre walls. The key innovation of this system is its capacity to absorb impact energy to reduce shock to the driver.

Lighting system

Four-colour signaling lights (red, yellow, green and blue) enable the track management to send information to the drivers. These replace the conventional flags waved by track marshals, and enable track teams as well as drivers, to react faster.

ACO Monoblock Racing Drains

High-strength concrete/polyester gutters which ensure that the track is well drained. These gutters, which can withstand the stresses of being repeatedly driven over, provide an extra guarantee of safety for the drivers.

Rescue teams

Support teams with high-speed vehicles crewed by two track marshals, who train all year round, particularly in fire control and driver extraction.