Sep 14, 2018

The gold Rush

This Saturday, September 15 will take place, on the track Paul Ricard Circuit, the start of the 82nd Bol d'Or in history. A Bol d'Or preceded by his little brothers since Friday: the Bol d'Argent and the Bol Classic.

With a start of the Bol d'Argent Friday early afternoon, the tone was given on the circuit circuit Paul Ricard which already hosted thousands of spectators in the grandstand but also on its entire domain to multiple animations mounted for the occasion.

Team Triumph Maxxess # 6 took the first overall scratch of this Bol d'Argent, ahead of Triumph La Rochelle # 17 and Dafy Metz Ulteam Bike # 157. In category 800, best time for Triumph Maxxess # 6 in front of Triumph La Rochelle # 17 and TS Motolabo 38 team # 10. In 600, best time for Dafy Metz Ulteam Bike # 157 ahead of MCCPR # 77 and Golgoth # 93.

Friday night: start of the first round of the Bol Classic with, at the top 3 of the ranking, Hampe Racing Team 11, Moto90 Eisen and Dholda Racing. Then start Saturday morning of the second round of the Bol Classic before the highly anticipated departure of the Bol d'Or at 15h for an arrival Sunday at the same time.