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TRACK & TEST DAYS: Private open drivingdays for sports car owners (Gentlemen Drivers) and Team training sessions, on29 & 30 November + 1 December (morning only)

ROSCAR 360 ENDURANCE FFSA (race not part of theROSCAR GT CHALLENGE championship) on Sunday 1 December

Route used: 1CV2 – 5.8 KM


- Eligible vehicles: Series GT cars, supercars,competition GT car prototypes, vintage racecars (no single-seater cars).

- Driving registration from €750.

- Driving in group sessions, same vehicle category groups.

- 3 groups are available: GT & PRO RACE 2H30 of driving /day – RACING: 3H00driving / day

- Possible to extend the drive time by registering the car to 2 groups; checkwith RaceTrack days.

- ROSCAR 360 ENDURANCE: 3h45min endurance race (+30mins qualification)with teams of 2 - 4 gentlemen drivers, reserved for vehicles equipped with a6-point role cage and other safety equipment, PIRELLI slick tyres, etc.

- Options available: open bar, lunch, box seats,instructor sessions, etc.

- Cars available for rental: PORSCHE 718 CAYMAN S, PORSCHE 991 GT2 RS…please contact RaceTrack Days for availability! 

- No public access to the paddock; access to Xtrem Park stands (free).

Give your guests a hands-on experience of the eventwith our Inside Motorsport package: guided tour of the track, VS tour, openbar, lunch + driving initiation option… prices starting at €240.

Registration form available on thewebsite or upon request by email.



EVENT: D -161